At  Future Machine we take our inspection and quality assurance very seriously. Being a small
business means we have to out perform everyone else. That means delivering flawless products on
time. Our customer's trust in Future Machine is everything. We don't want to be the biggest, we want
to be the best.  Which is why we need to have the right measuring tools, for the work we do. If we
made it, we will show you how we verified it.
The list below, while not complete, does represent the majority of our inspection equipment and tooling.
We have many other tools that are specific to certain jobs and processes that are not listed here.
(1)  36.0 inch x 24.0 inch granite Surface Plate.

(2)  18.0 inch x 12.0 inch granite Surface Plates.

(1)  Brown and Sharp 12.0 inch  Height Gauge english/metric dial
with forward/backward digits. .001 inch graduation.

(4)  Tesa test .0001 inch graduation Indicators.

(3)  0.0 to 3.0 inch travel, .0005 inch graduation Indicators.

(3)  0.0 to 1.0 inch travel, .001 inch graduation Indicators.

(1)  0.0 to 6.0 inch travel, .001 inch graduation Indicator.

(1)  10.0 inch x 10.0 inch x 10.0 inch precision Angle Plate.

(2)  Precision ground  1.0 inch x 2.0 inch x 3.0 inch Gauge Blocks

(1)  Precision ground Angle Test Block  0 - 60 degree in 1 degree

(1)  magnified precision scaled Protractor  0 - 360 degree
.5 degree increments.
.Upon request, we provide complete certification for all materials, operations and work preformed. Material
certifications could include material point of origin certification to satisfy one part of the Dfars requirements as well
as Conflict Materials Certifications where necessary and where available. Plating also comes with complete RoHS
certifications, as does any other necessary outside process. We provide first article inspection reports, as well as
first article parts when necessary, and in-process inspection reports for large quantity orders. All first article
measurements require that measurement of features be verified by two means of measurement. This eliminates
mistakes. Your satisfaction is our first priority.
12.0 inch optical comparator.
table size is 12.0 inch x 3.0 inch.
screen has 360 degree x .5 degree increments.
cross hair 10x 30x 40x  resolution.
fitted with:
(2) 0-1.0 inch travel x .0005 inch graduation
digital indicator heads -x- and -y- axis.
This tool is useful when it comes to
verification of dimensional features,
especially for some of the very small ones.
Whether it be an assembly object or a feature
on one of our machined products. We can
verify it.
(1)  .011 inch dia. thru 1.00 inch dia. Guage Pin Set.
pins are +-.0002. there is one pin for every diameter
in  .001 inch increments.

(2)  .050 inch - 4.00 inch Gauge Block Sets.
sets are grade -b- with accuracy .00005

(120+)  Deltronic Pins.
pins accuracy is +.00004 -.00000
We use these pins for any diameter tolerances
less than .001 inch.  Our pin sizes range .0928 inch
up to .8758 inch.

(20)   0 - 80  thru  3/4 - 10 go/nogo Inch Thread Gauges.

(14)   M2 x .4  thru  M22 x 1.5 go/nogo Metric Thread Gauges.

We have a thread gauge for every hole we thread.
If we don't have it, we will get it. We also have limited
ring thread gauges.

(1)  0-48.0 inch/metric scale type Caliper .001 inch graduation.

(2)  0 - 12.0 inch Digital Calipers .0005 inch graduation.

(2)  0-12.0 inch Dial Calipers .001 inch graduation.

(1)  0-8.0 inch Dial Caliper .001 inch graduation.

(7)  0-6.0 inch Dial Calipers .001 inch graduation.

(3)   0-6.0 inch/metric Digital Calipers .0005 inch graduation.
All micrometers and sets have rod, pin, ring and
block standards for checking calibration.

(1 set)   0 - 12.0 inch Micrometers .0001 inch graduation.

(1 set)   0 - 6.0 inch Micrometers .0001 inch graduation.

(1 set)   0 - 4.0 inch Micrometers .0001 inch graduation.

(2)  0 - 1.0 inch Micrometers .0001 inch graduation.

(1)  0 - 2.0 inch Anvil Micrometer set .0005 inch graduation.

(1)  0 - 9.0 inch Depth Micrometer Set .001 graduation.

(1)  0 - 6.0 inch Depth Micrometer Set .001 graduation.

(1)  1.0 inch - 12.0 inch inside diameter Bore Micrometer Set.
.0005 inch increments.

(1)  0 - 6.0 inch "t" style Bore Micrometer Set.

(1 set)  .275 inch thru 4.00 inch inside diameter Bore Micrometers .0001
inch graduation with Ring Gauge standards for calibration.

(1)  Pitch Gauge Set, range 4 thru 80.

(1)  Radius Gauge Set.  range .016 radius thru 1.0 inch radius. For
fractional radius sizes.

(1)  .375 -1.375 inside diameter Ring Groove Gauge .001 inch

(1)  0 - 1.0 inch, 0-90 degree Hole Chamfer, Counter Sink Gauge .001 inch

(1) 32 Sample Surface Finishes Gauge Set.

(1)  0 - 3 inch Blade Micrometer Set  .0002 increments
......As Future Machine continues to expand its capabilities, we will purchase the proper
inspection tools and equipment to meet those needs. Come back here to see what new tools we
have added. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. We look forward to your business. Feel free to
contact us with any questions you may have.
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